We don't get paid for our reviews, Put in your basket, gets its income from advertising and affiliate links, and most of it goes to maintaining the website and buying new products to review, which in most cases there aren't enough products for all the reviewers to test, so most of us are reviewing items that we bought with our own money.

Put in your basket covers many kinds of reviews and useful articles in an independent way, from gadgets and sports equipment to computer hardware or video games, this once a blog, now with over 200 visits a day with peaks of 1000 views is a humble reference for all kinds of online smart shoppers.

As Put in your basket is growing in reviewers we need more and more products to review, we don't limit the products to review, so if you are a brand or store and want to promote any item so we can review it for free, we will be more than thankful, of course we will return the item if you are willing to pay the delivery expenses. Please contact, don't worry we don't accept payments for reviews nor positive reviews.

But of course right now we are specialized in a budget target, as simple workers we know that only a few people can spend more than 2000€ in a bike, so in sports and we would love to review any kind of gadget or equipment sports related, also any kind of mountain bike, from hardtail to full sussers and even bike components like the new Yari fork and test how they could improve a low budget bike. On the other hand on gaming we would like to test how games manage with different kinds of hardware or periferics, having always in mind the budget user.

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