Jul 20, 2017

Supacaz Grizips Lock on grips long term review

Supacaz, short for super casual, is a California brand best known for their bar tape and grips, they also make other accessories like bottle cages and drink bottles. Supacaz's bar tape is used for many World Tour teams with names like Kittel or Rockstar Peter Sagan.

Today we are writing about the Supacaz Grizips lock on grips with a special edition with a grip in neon purple and the other in neon orange. Their products are known for their flashing and retro colors and this special edition grips are no exception.

The grizips feature the Supacaz starred logo and letters as the grip pattern, those grips are only one sided lock on collar, so the irritating moving end cap won't be necessary but in the other hand these grips tend to rip on the bar end if you fail to lean your bike in a secure surface and falls with the bar facing down. The one sided lock on collar is enough and only minimal torsion will be felt on really strong force.

Those are sized at 130mm and weight 115gr the pair, with bolts included. Also offered in many colors, this being the only with unmatched colors. The package includes 2 sets of collars detailed with the Supacaz logo, on black and chrome, to suit best your bike.

Quality in this grips are something noted on the first touch, lifespan and grip are also noted, these are a good smart shopping option if you could find a good offer because they are usually pretty expensive at $20 RRP.

After more than 1 year with them the only problem, apart from the holed end part, this color combination tends gets dirty, not so much as white grips but of course less than dark ones, when buying grips is recommendable to get dark colored ones if you are not so concerned about looks and more with practicality.

Should I buy them?

  • If you are concerned about grip and looks not so much about weight
  • For its quality and lifespan
  • Not cheap
  • Lack of end cap protection

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