Feb 21, 2017

The definitive plus tire mountain bike list

In the last post we talked about the evolution of our site, and what we are planning for this year, among a myriad of reviews, articles, tutorials and videos ideas, we are looking into a pair of modern mountain bikes to do a long term review. In the last years we have dived into the mountain bike world, which is huge and rewarding, and many thinks have changed, some will say that bike companies are thinking about money, and it is true, but they are also moving it forward to improve it for all.

We are looking into the perfect mountain bike combo, a hardtail and a full suspension bike, that can exchange components and are able to complement each other. With all the current range of wheel sizes it is difficult to complement 2 bikes that don't share the same wheel size, and also having the same wheel size will make the 2 bikes share most of its capabilities so, in the end, making one of the bikes useless and forgotten in your garage.

Thanks to a new trend in tire size, the plus tires, wider tires between 2.6 and 3 inches, we talked about them in what are we expecting for the 2017 MTB brands lineup, we will be able to swap wheels between a 29er and a 27.5+ bike, also the two bikes should mount boosted wheels. We also want these bikes to mount some of the standards that are taking more ground and that seems that are what will make our bikes stay up to date for a few years.

Having a 29er will gives us a trail bike, one that can handle big routes, epic days, more XC oriented on the lighter hardtail, more capable on the full suspension. If we switch to the 27.5+ tires we will get a much gripier bike, a hardcore hardtail or a super capable full suspension. Choose your weapon or have them all with the definitive mountain bike combo!

Let's enumerate what are the requirements and what kind of bikes are we looking for:
  • A hardtail or full suspension bike 29" or 27.5+ that mounts boosted wheels (110mm front, 148mm back) of course with a compatible fork between the two tire sizes
  • Single chainring drivetrain with wide range cassette
  • Of course, if we buy a 29er hardtail then we will look for a full suspension 27.5+ bike, to get 2 different wheelset or the other way around.
  • A good move should be getting a lower specced bike (usually the hardtail) and one higher specced (usually the full suspension) so we can switch components and save some money, especially focusing in the suspension.
  • In the Category B we include the cheapest bike that mets all requirements
  • The Category A price is the price of a bike with an all-mountain specific fork, at least a Rockshox Yari or a Fox 34 Rhythm.


Bike/Frame Frame only Cat B config cat A config Wheels Travel (mm)
Dartmoor Primal Plus ~300€ 140*
Diamondback Mason Plus $1400 $2300 27,5+ 120
Diamondback Rely Trail $1400 27,5+ 120
Sonder Frontier 230€/£199/$250 1011€/£879/$1100 27,5+/29 Rigid/100
Specialized Fuse 850 € 4.000 € 27,5+ 120
Trek Stache 1.800 € 3.500 € 29+ 120
Cotic SolarisMax £599 120*
Specialized Ruze $1000 $3100 100
Kona Big Honzo * * 27,5+ 120
Norco Torrent $449 $1649 27,5+ 140
Orbea Loki 1.299 € 1.999 € 27,5+ 120
Ragley Big Wig 1889€/£1750 29 130

Full Suspension

Bike/Frame Frame only Cat B config Cat A config Wheels Travel (mm)
Radon Slide+ 2.600 € 27,5+ 140
Santa Cruz Hightower 4130€/£3599/$3599 29 140
Santa Cruz Hightower 5100€/£4399/$4599 27,5+ 150
Specialized Rhyme 2.799,90 € 3.999,90 € 27,5+ 150
Vitus Escarpe 3229,99€/£2636,99 29 150

Shown prices are the official prices in their respective websites, some prices may change and if you search a little may find it for quite less.

We will be updating this post in the upcoming days and weeks with the bikes that comply with the requirements exposed before, this is not an easy task as there are many brands out there, if you know of any model that meets our requirements let us know in the comments, through our contact page or on twitter.

Also any help, discount or lend bike from a brand, company or sponsor will be most welcome to test and review, which we compromise to do in a deep long term review.

Also keep track of this article for updates on our twitter account. Stay in touch and thanks in advance!

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Feb 13, 2017

Put in your basket evolution for 2017

We are already in 2017, our site will be 5 years old this year, and many things have happened and a lot of people has worked with us, the site has evolved in a different direction from how it was conceived initially as a gadgets and opinions blog to talking about gaming to a more sports oriented review site nowadays. This is a factor from the people who have worked with us and from our own life evolution as we grow older we worry about different things, yet we have always been open to talk about anything at putinyourbasket.com, so if you are willing to help and love our site you can work with us.

Of course this is not a goodbye post, this is a planning for this upcoming year, of what we want to talk about and what motivates us, what we have scheduled and how you could help us or how can you contribute.

We want to let you know our new Youtube channel, still trying to find our branding and how to best present our videos, but please let us know what would you love to see in our videos. We will be most pleased to hear from you about our articles with videos and let us know how to improve with a comment.

For this next year we expect to complete some of the reviews in our next articles page, many of them long term reviews that require time and some new items that we have bought in the last weeks. We are preparing also an update to our favorite running gear and our favorite mountain biking gear and also a component update list for all with a few years old bike that need a revamp.

Also we are planning to get a full suspension mountain bike and a hardtail with plus tires, also you will have to wait for offers on current models by the end of year, unless there is a big-hearted bike company that will lend us a bike for a long term review.

Also at risk of being repetitve we would love to hear ideas and propositions for our site and what products you would like to see or review check our contact page and also get a reminder of our "motto". Any help will be most appreciated! Thanks to all for being there.
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