Oct 1, 2016

What are we expecting for the 2017 MTB brands lineup

Taking our best MTB for the money from last March as a base to comment about our expectations for the 2017 MTB lineup of our favorite brands, innovative brands like Canyon or YT and new competitors that are arising. These are some of the trends that we expect to see with the incoming 2017 lineup:

Budget full suspension bikes

We reflected about how the Calibre Bossnut shook the market offering a trail oriented full suspension bike for 1300€ (depending on pound exchange), and not just that, simply a great bike with great geometry and room for improvement for cheap. Taking into account the Bossnut success last year many brands are taking this price range into account to offer similar products to the Bossnut, for example Marin are renewing their classic Hawk Hill model converted in a modern geometry full suspension trail bike, for less than 1500€ but with better looks and colors comparing to the Bossnut, also wide rims make this a fairly good spec'ed modern bike that we would love to test, specially here in Spain where Marin is difficult to come by.

We also are expecting big direct sales brand to take this step and offer similar bikes, especially Canyon, experts on budget bikes with great specs, that for now they are keeping their XC oriented geometry in their new Neuron range.

Plus tire compatibility

Many of us have ridden MTBs with less than 2 inch wide tires and now with 2.3 inches being the standard for most tires, many of us won't go back, except in some occasions where grip is not a special necessity. But from a couple of years back we are seeing a new trend in tires to go wider, from fat bikes to plus tires, which are just tires with around 3 inch width, those give extra cushion, grip and most of all confidence and also some extra weight. But this is a decision that many riders want to make and test but many companies are not open yet to accepting compatibility with plus tires, we expect to see more bikes compatible with plus tires, this means more clearance in the frame, use boosted forks and wide rims. The Santa Cruz's Tallboy is a clear example accepting 29" wheels or 27.5+" wheels, we expect to see this trend for many brands in the 2017 lineup.

Single chainring (1X Groupset)

Or the gradual disappearance of multiple chainring with its corresponding derailleur, lever and cable, which simplifies the cockpit and also saves weight. Affordable wide range cassettes, like the Sunrace MX3, have made possible the spread and viability of single chainring configurations, most of all to the average rider who can't afford an expensive SRAM groupset. Most of all we expect to see single chainring on entry level bikes and the complete disappearance on the mid range, even there are still a few people who resist to the change.

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