Jun 14, 2016

Odi X-treme Lock on grips long term review

ODI are known for being one of the innovators in the grips market, but now with lock on grips almost everywhere and for much less money why should we buy these branded grips?

The Odi X-treme grips come in a neat package where even you can test the feel of the grip through an aperture in the front of the package. The diamonds pattern with bigger crossed diamonds is pretty effective, extra grippy even with gloves, even with bare hands can be a little uncomfortable at first to unaccustomed riders due to its high grip. Also note the chunkier pattern near the flanges for extra comfort and smaller to the end of the bars to better round the bars. The flanges are half cutted to avoid shifter obstruction.

The package includes lock clamps and end plugs, as of course these grips are double clamped and even after a couple of years after the installation in an average ridden bike didn't have to retighten them. Check the low wear in the pic, most wear on the lower part of course.

Those are sized at 130mm and weight 112gr the pair, with caps and bolts included. Also offered in many color combinations and the clamps can even can be laser edged for max customization.

Quality in this grips are something noted from first sight, from the touch to lifespan, even to its average weight if you are more concerned by grip these a smart shopping option if you could find a good offer.

After more than 2 years without having to remove them, I had to to install a new brake lever, but one of the bolts was full of dirt, probably bad placing for my part, and after trying to loosen them I rounded the bolt, which from a high quality grip is a low down. The trick is to find a same sized torx tool to loose the bolt.

Should I buy them?

  • If you are concerned about grip and not about comfort and weight
  • For its quality and lifespan
  • If you want to do extra customization
  • Not cheap
  • Rounded bolt

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