Jan 5, 2016

Nitefighter BT21 initial impressions

Today I received the bike light that I was so craving for, a Nitefighter BT21, which as I commented before was recommended by many happy users and the price tag make me thought that it was not a cheap built light.

From a packaging point of view Gearbest did an adequate packaging and wrapping, not one of the best that I have seen but sufficient. The light comes with a protective case and it was wrapped in bubble plastic, the enclosing was a little simplistic with some duct tape and a sticker. Also note the European sticker indicating that the package did not complain actual regulations, I suppose the batteries are the problem here, but the package was missing nothing.

When you unwrap the bubble plastic what surprises is the quality of the light case, which for a budget Chinese product is more than notable, although the padding is not so carefully built.

First of all what impresses most is the small size of the light, for a moment you even think that it was not included. Also the good making on all the components, only the light button has a small painting defect, a minor detail.

The package contains:
  • 1 x Nitefighter BT21 MTB Light
  • 1 x 7.4V 5.2Ah BAK Battery Pack
  • 1 x 8.4V 2A Charger
  • 3 x O-ring
  • 1 x Headband
  • 1 x Bandage
  • 1 x Extending Line
  • English Manual
The package includes a helmet mount which I should test soon, as we already commented having a couple of lights is a must in our essential night riding safety tips.

Note that the batteries are fully charged and well protected, as the manufacturer states it is water resistant and the sticker mentions that it has a protective circuit for overvoltages, not tested but it was one of my main concerns of cheaper lights.

The charger has a US plug, but it can be used with 220V, you just will need an US to EU adapter if you are European.

To conclude, my initial impressions are good, as the battery was charged I was able to test if it worked correctly and it really did impress the light that it emitted. What needs to be done now is to test on trail, I will let you know when I do!
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