Jun 21, 2015

Recommended PC builds Summer 2015

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[Update 2015-09-15]
Last month Intel announced their new processors based on a new socket, making current most used socket obsolete, so now that this processors are getting widely available it is a good time to follow the prices of this setups to wait for good offers. Also our fall roundup to check for our top build with the new processors in our Recommended Skylake builds Christmas 2015 .

Starting this summer I want to give some PC rig configurations from budget to gamer and, of course, an advanced user. Some components can be used to upgrade your existing computer, like an SSD or a new graphic card. I want to set 3 typical tiers, budget around $500, advanced $800 and top at $1200. We will use The Witcher as a benchmarking tool, as it is the recent game more demanding on your computer resources.


A good configuration for playing last year games or The Witcher 3 at low/medium quality:
Total: $427
Under the initial $500 budget, probably the difference can be used to get an SSD like the 2nd tier build.


A mid-tier PC, unlocked, The Witcher 3 at a high quality:
Total: $850
A little over budget but worth the extra penny, paying a little more for the 4GB video card can extend the life of this build a few years more.


A top-tier PC, unlocked, The Witcher 3 at a ultra quality:
Total: $1440
Also over budget but worth paying a few extra bucks for the best video card in the market.
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