Apr 13, 2014

How to update your Xbox 360's dashboard in flashed LiteOn models

open up your xboxThis a simple checklist to update Flashed Fat Xbox 360 with LiteOn drive. It's a simple process but you need to be careful, if you did it time ago you need to go checking all the Tutorial to refresh your memory on the process, so this is the motivation behind this checklist. On any doubt check the JungleFlasher Tutorial, it's the source of this step by step tutorial.
  1. Download the new version of JungleFlasher, if you had already used JungleFlasher I advise to overwrite your previous installation, so the Key DB will be carried over.
  2. Shutdown your computer and open your XBox and connect the XBox's dvd drive to your computer through SATA, also keep the video connection on your XBox to keep it from auto-shutdown.
  3. Turn on your Xbox and your computer and you will need to disable driver signature enforcement on your PC, in Windows 8 you will need to find in the lateral menu Configuration menu and go to 'PC Settings', then 'Recovery', 'Advanced Startup' and your PC will shutdown to a new menu. In this menu select 'Troubleshoot', then 'Advanced', then 'Startup Settings' and your PC will finally restart, on restart you will be prompted with many startup option that you need to select with F1-F9, select 'Disable driver signature' (F7), and Windows will boot up.
  4. Start the JungleFlasher program as Administrator and if you don't have any, you will need to download the Firmwares, stocks and LT+3.0, in my case as my Dashboard is post 2.0.13141 you will need the LiteOn 02510C.
  5. To Return your Xbox to the stock firmware you will need to load your Dummy.bin file, that you should have backed up, skip the LT loading and then search as destination firmware the stock 02510C and spoof to target. Finally you will need to erase & write the Firmware (refer to the Tutorial section in the Jungleflasher help document).
  6. With your drive in stock firmware, you will need to update your Dashboard. Turn off your PC and your Xbox, reconnect the Xbox's drive, HD and net cable. Just connect to Live and update.
  7. Again you will have to make the same as the step 2-3 to flash the LT+ firmware. But now instead of loading the stock firmware you will need the last LT+ firmware that you can download from c4eva's page, remember that for the LiteOn models is the 02150C firmware. Spoof and erase & write the firmware. Now you finally have the latest dashboard!
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