Mar 9, 2014

A few thougths about the new console generation and what should we expect

new generation consoles
Many of us have talked at length about the new console generation, before and after their release by the end of last year, even many of us did a comparison of their best points, but after a few months, and even the more than successful sales, the new generation has yet to really start.

Why? Many will agree that there is a lack of games that justify the purchase of a PS4 or an Xbox One, this is the main reason really. Yes, these new consoles offer much more, but we buy'em to play and there are no good games to play yet.

But, of course, this step was necessary, the last generation was getting obsolete comparing to the new hardware, but even then, last year last generation's best games were launched, like GTA V: the masterpiece of Rockstar, and good new games also get their PS3 and Xbox 360 version. These makes that a few of us even want to get an old generation's console for cheap, taking advantage of the new generation launch.

But today we are seeing that this generation release was unprepared and hasty, as many games are getting delayed, probably for a lack of development time and experimenting with the new hardware. But we can expect that by the end of year, and especially next year, some good games will appear that will justify the purchase.

Also there will be others who get benefited, for example the PC, with PS3's different architecture and the lack of power compared to today's computers, many good games were not optimized to get the most out of PC possibilities. These makes a good time to get an ssd to upgrade your PC, or even make a components update to start fresh. The second hand market also gets more active in periods where there are more console sales, so this is a good time to check Ebay for offers with #WhereToBuy, and also other consoles' increase their sales, the 3ds is a good option for adult audience as well.

You can also try #WhereToBuy a service that gives you the best online stores to buy, check it for a PS4 or an Xbox One.

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