Aug 16, 2014

Twitter: the best social network for your business and career

In my humble opinion Twitter is undoubtedly the most deceiving social network in terms of its usefulness. Usually the first reaction when you talk about Twitter is “what a nonsense! Write text messages of just 140 characters so anyone can read them.” I must admit I had the same reaction and it took me quite some time to understand it as a concept. Until I decided to use it completely. Then I discovered a true world of possibilities. Today it is definitely my favorite network, the one that I use most and the one that I can have more advantage of.

If used well, Twitter allows you to keep up in real time with everything that interests you. Greatly facilitates communicating with people (and customers) with the same interests, and monitors what is being said out there about you or your company. It spreads very fast and with a good impact on your organization information. You can contact people with people of the strangest specialties very quickly thanks to the multiplier effect of the network. And much more.

The maximum length of 140 characters for each tweet, which a priori may seem a limitation, actually force you to be very concise and condense a lot of information in a small space or go straight to the point. Thanks to this you can read the tweets of the people you follow very fast and is very easy to find what really interests you.

People who participate in Twitter is usually much more participating and proactive than other social networks. Its importance as a source of global information is growing and it has become popular to the point that even TVs have a “hashtag” to allow anyone to participate through twitter.

Here are a few tips to start using Twitter

  1. Pick a good name and profile
    Obviously that is free, but think hard before you decide. The name you choose should reflect your target with good social network. If you have no intention of using it to tweet but rather to follow other people, perhaps the name is not very important. But you never know when you'll want to start being active. Unless you are going to use it as a profile to send comedy tweets (like many people do), a good choice is serious name, and better if it reflects your real name somehow or your company name.

    In any case your name should be as short as possible. The longer it is other user will have less space to mention you.Work on your profile, choose a good photo (or at least a nice image) and put a bit about yourself: everyone likes to know who to follow and who follows them. Also, if you put your interests or your job other users are more likely to get interested in you (if that's your intention, of course).
  2. Choose thoroughly who you follow
    When you start using Twitter nobody follows you and also you will follow noone. Set aside your friends here (remember that you have Facebook) and think of the people of your interest areas that you think may be on Twitter. Also in enterprises, as it is very likely that the major companies in your area or interest are present in this network. Find all of this possible Twitter users using the search in Twitter directly, or even a search engine with the desired name and then the word Twitter.

    If you are not interested in posting, however you want to keep up with those you care about, you just have to worry to follow the right people. There are online directories sorted by categories:, are a couple of good starting points to find interesting people to follow. Twitter itself will suggest users constantly. Ah! And check who are following the people you follow, you will always find interesting users.

    Check out the "timeline" of those people to see what they have posted in recent days. If you see most of the posts are of the type "I get up", "I'm going to work", "I'm taking a beer" or it is someone that posts something every two minutes, then it is not a good candidate to follow. The important thing is to see they post on a regular basis (but not too much) and what they post is generally related to your interests.

    By the way, you can follow me here. I post from a pseudonym as I share the Twitter account with a partner and we post a little of anything, especially links to our recent posts or about the app we are developing.

  3. Post things you that have interest and don't get dispersed
    This advice is actually the same as above but from your point of view. Obviously, as you will not want to follow someone cumbersome, and of course, you don't want that somebody think that about you. For this reason: focus the topics of your posts, share links, "retweet" interesting things to read and, for heaven's sake, avoid FourSquare and similar social networks except that is what you are looking for. If you want people to follow you, you will need to advertise and disseminate your account too, so put it in your email signature, your facebook profile, your blog or personal website, and slowly, if your tweets are interesting you will grow your followers. Be wary of so-called experts that tell you techniques to get hundreds of followers in a few days. Nor is meaningless start following people aimlessly hoping that they follow you automatically. It is way better a few concerned followers that many followers but worthless.
    Moreover, your followers say a lot about you too. In my case, before going to follow someone apart from checking their "timeline" also look who they follow and who follows them. When I meet people who have 30,000 followers, but they still turn to 45,000 is a very bad sign. Most often, the best tweeters to follow just a few people in proportion to the followers they have. If they follow thousands of people, is because they do are not really following their tweets. And those who follow tens of thousands of people, are usually robots or people who have bought their followers in exchange of an automatic follow.

  4. Make lists
    I follow a few people because I'm really interested in what they say. When I tried to follow more than 200 tweeters I could not pay attention. I often check the "timeline" several times a day to see what draws my attention. But I also mane lists (private in my case), classifying people by topics of my interest. You can classify them according to the criteria that best suits you.

    The beauty of assigning people to lists is that you don't have to follow them and this does not add "noise" to your "timeline", but at the same time you have it available to check their tweets.
    The lists should not be very large either. Precisely the aim of the lists is that you can visit them from time to time and do not miss interesting tweets from people you care about. If there are too many people on the list will look much like the "timeline" and you'll see a lot of "noise". Keeping them small and selective and avoiding people who do post as submachine guns, you'll find useful information classified into categories that make sense to you.

    Another similar utility is the ability to save searches. You can keep searching for words, hashtags, etc ... to consult from time to time and find out news on specific subjects. Do not underestimate this possibility.

  5. Do not use directly Twitter
    Today Twitter essentially provides APIs to manage their information. Though of course you can use Twitter from its interface, it is limited in many things on the market and many applications for all systems and devices that enable richer interact with the service. Thus it will be easier to answer, follow conversation threads, monitor keywords (hashtags) or searches, generate and follow shortened links, etc ... My favorite application is Hootsuite which is free and web based, with versions for iPhone and Android, but there are many more like Seesmic or Tweetdeck to name the best known. Try some of these Twitter clients and see many other possibilities, such as to schedule tweets at a certain time or get detailed statistics about the clicks on the links you've posted.

  6. Use shortened links
    This advice is pretty obvious, since we only have 140 characters available, if you put a long URL then you will not have enough space to share with the text and, in extreme cases, you will not even be able to enter the URL. This services like or, or the ones built-in with some of the tools mentioned in the previous point, offer a simple, convenient way to point to the same pages with very few characters. Twitter offers its own integrated shortener, but I personally do not like it much because it shows part of the URL but uses a different address. Besides you can't get click statistics with it.

    As an added benefit the shortening generally provide statistical control of clicks that are made on the links and the "Tweets" made with them, which is very interesting, especially for businesses. Most Twitter clients like those mentioned above, are integrated with a shortening service, which further simplifies the use of these short URLs.
  7. Use hashtags to mark the topic
    The "hashtags" are short tags preceded by a "hash" (#) decorating the tweets to tie them to a particular topic. Thus, it is usual to include them in each post to indicate the topic or topics being addressed. These hashtags become links that you can click and view all the tweets on the same topic. You can also search for hashtags, and thus find things that interest us or see what people are saying about it. For example, if you want to search for a new job as a developer you may try to search for "#work #developer".

    The hashtags are also used to find real-time information on certain topics. For example, something as prosaic as follow people's comments in a television program, but other as important as following the progression of a catastrophe or any kind of event. This is a real case that happened to me and thousands of other people where the hastags became really useful when, a few years ago, we were stuck all over the world due to the famous volcanic ash cloud from Iceland. It was enough to monitor #ashtag and #ashcloud to be aware in real time of everything that was going on regarding this issue, and the latest news as they are produced. Even to find other travelers trapped to share transportation and get out from Luxembourg (which is where I was).


Indeed, social media can become a scourge for your productivity. But if you use them the right way, in its scope and specific purpose, might be very helpful.

You can use them to keep in touch with friends and family or to enhance your hobbies. We can take advantage in our workplace or to keep up with subjects that interest you, even in real time. It is also possible that your intention is to reach many people and use them as a means of promoting your business or activity.

In any case you must learn to use them well and can go from being a waste of time to be your best allies.

I hope you have served to encourage you to use if you did not, or better use if you were already using it.

Remember to check our timeline in the sidebar and also follow me on @sikkxo
In any case I hope this post was useful and interesting!
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Aug 11, 2014

Checklist after a bike accident

When you go out biking there's always a small risk of falling, crashing or getting involved in an accident, if you are well protected and you are lucky probably will be nothing but you should always be cautious because some bike malfunctions could be easily overlooked.

First of all you should be very cautious, only ride back very carefully by taking the shortest possible way, if your bike went through the following check without any doubt. Do not accelerate or brake hard and do not ride your bike out of the saddle.
  1. Check whether the wheels are still firmly fixed in the drop-outs and whether the rims are still centered with respect to the frame or fork. Spin the wheels and watch the clearance between brake pads and rims. If the width of the clearance changes markedly and you have no way to true the rim where you are, you will need to open the brakes a little, if necessary, so that the rim can run between the brake pads without touching them. In this case remember that the brakes will not act as powerfully as you are used to.
  2. Check whether the handlebars and stem are neither bent nor ruptured and whether they are level and upright. Check whether the stem is firmly fixed in the fork by trying to twist the handlebars relative to the front wheel. Also, briefly lean on the brake levers to make sure the handlebars are firmly fixed in the stem.
  3. See whether the chain still runs on the chain-ring and sprockets. If your bike fell over to the chain side, check that the gears still function properly. Ask somebody to lift the bicycle by the saddle and gently shift through all the gears. Pay particular attention when switching to the small gears, making sure the rear derailleur does not get too close to the spokes as the chain climbs onto the larger sprockets. If the derailleur or the drop-outs have been bent, this can cause the rear derailleur to collide with the spokes – risk of accident! This in turn can destroy the rear derailleur, the rear wheel or the frame. Check the front derailleur, as a damaged front derailleur can throw off the chain, thus interrupting the power train of the bicycle.
  4. Make sure the saddle is not twisted using the top tube or the bottom bracket shell as a reference.
  5. Lift your bike up a few centimeters and let it bounce onto the ground, if this causes any sort of noise, search for loosened bolts.
  6. Finally, take a good look at the whole bike to detect any deformation, discoloration or cracks.
This is a small checklist to find any malfunctions, on any doubt you should also check with a bike specialist. Also if you are starting to get interested in biking you should get a gps to track your rides, here is a comparison of the best entry point Garmin GPS and the top biking GPS from Garmin.
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Jul 29, 2014

Garmin Edge 1000 vs 810 review comparison. Top bike GPS with maps and routes

Almost a year and s half ago we reviewed the new Garmin Edge 510 model, as a Edge 500's owner, I could analyze almost impartially the improvements over the old model.

As I already stated I am just a sports aficionado so I can't permit myself the expense of another GPS unit, but I am fortunate to have a friend that really is into sports, so he always is spending money on sports devices and a few weeks ago he bought an Edge 1000 model when he already had an Edge 810 model. So we teamed up to do a review following the structure of our Garmin Edge 520 review, I tried to write an impartial data driven review of the product adding my friend's sensations on the most remarkable features.


The size of the Edge 1000 is visibly bigger, almost smartphone sized, than the Edge 810 and much more of the Edge 500 as a small counterpart. 5.8 x 11.2 x 2.0 cm for the Edge 1000 and 5.2 x 9.3 x 2.5 cm for the Edge 810. Of course the Edge 1000 is heavier, reaching the 114.5g, and 98g for the Edge 810. As reference the Edge 500 weights only 58g.

As we are just evaluating the sizing features, in this section we will award the smaller and lighter units.

Edge 1000: 3
Edge 810: 5
Winner: Edge 810


The screen on the Edge 1000 is bigger, 3'', 0.4" more, in comparison to the the Edge 810's 2.6". The two screens are tactile but on the Edge 1000 is capacititive, similar to smartphones, but on the other hand the 810 uses resistive technology, like the 510, as you may know resistive technology works better with gloves. For our experience the Edge 1000 works good in most scenarios but with gloves you may find struggling just a bit. On resolution terms the Edge 810 has 160 x 240 pixels and the Edge 1000, 240 x 400 pixels.

Of course the crispier screen on the Edge 1000 makes it the best screen on a gps unit, but the tactile problems make it recede a little.

Edge 1000: 8
Edge 810: 7
Winner: Edge 1000


The Garmin Edge 810 introduced the cellphone connectivity to take advantage of your mobile phone internet capabilities to access internet, for example to check the weather or even share your route realtime. The Edge 1000, of course, has this capability and takes it one step forward, even you can read your sms or get notified if a there's an incoming phone call.

As an extra feature the Edge 1000 is the only device with Shimano Di2 support. Also the start up time and satellite acquisition times are very short in the Edge 1000.

For our experience many of this features were broken on the device release, but as the updates were rolling many of this errors were mainly fixed.

Edge 1000: 9
Edge 810: 7
Winner: Edge 1000


The higher models of Edge has always shared the capability to use routable maps, a feature not available to the 500 and 510 models, and mainly the reason to go for this high end models. These maps work in a similar way to a car gps, a feature that will interest more all road bikers. For the mountain bikers you have the possibility to download routes that you can follow. Also available in the Edge 500 and the 510.

With the release of the Edge 1000 Garmin started with a revamp of their website, Garmin Connect, and started offering a new feature that had made Strava, a gps track analyzer and planner, stand out, the so called segments. We already compared Garmin Connect vs. Strava a few months ago, and we also highlighted this feature as the one that made us recommend Strava over Garmin Connect. With this new version of Connect they introduced also the segment competition that Strava offered, and not only that, they also made the Garmin Edge 1000 integrate this feature seamlessly and in real-time.

Of course some of the features on the Edge 1000 were buggy on release, but with the updates this device is also getting more and more stable by the day, you should take into account that the Edge 810 already passed this process, and is probably the most stable Garmin device, and as the crown's jewel the Garmin Edge 1000 will probably get more attention in the next months. Also, you should note that the better hardware on the Edge 1000 makes it generally more responsive.

Edge 1000: 9
Edge 810: 7
Winner: Edge 1000

Battery life

The official battery life for the Garmin Edge 810 is of 17 hours and the Edge 1000's is 15h, probably due to the increased screen. For our experience activating all the connectivity functions of the Edge 810 we measured around a 10% battery drain per hour, with similar result for the Edge 1000.

We will give half point more to the Edge 810, but a technical tie.

Edge 1000: 7
Edge 810: 7.5
Winner: Edge 1000 for a small gap


We are talking about high end devices here so don't expect to be cheap, the Edge 810 recently got price cut to $400/300€/£200 to differentiate the price from the Edge 1000 which costs around $600/600€/£400. Expect the bundles, which contain a heart rate monitor strap and a speed/cadence sensor to be around $100/100€/£80 more expensive. Also note the updated new speed/cadence sensor that has no magnet.

The increased price tag of the Edge 1000 makes it difficult to approve, the Edge 810, even it is expensive, got price cut thanks to the Edge 1000 release.

Edge 1000: 4
Edge 810: 6.5
Winner: Edge 810


With price:
Edge 1000: 6.7
Edge 810: 6.7

Without price:
Edge 1000: 7.2
Edge 810: 6.7

Taking into account the high price tag of the Edge 1000 makes the two devices tie, of course the two devices are magnificent and the best options for bikers.

So, our recommendations would be:
  • If you are a segment competition fan and/or you got some money to burn get the Edge 1000, is the best device around and will be for a few years. Also recommend you to get the bundled HR strap and the new cadence/speed sensor, which separately will cost you much more.
  • If you want the maps feature but don't want to expend all the money that the Edge 1000 costs, you should get the Edge 810, which is a very good device, more portable and already stable and also if you wait for some offers you can get it for a pretty good price.
  • If you don't care about the maps feature or the segments, you can get a Garmin Edge 520.
Also check regularly to view the prices of this devices at #WhereToBuy to compare between the best online stores for the Garmin Edge 810 and the Garmin Edge 1000.

Big Thanks to all the readers and visitors!
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Jul 24, 2014

Usa los cheques regalo de amazon como forma de pago sin comisiones

Los cheques regalo estan ideados para hacer hacer ragalos sin mojarse en qué producto comprar, ideales para pequeños regalos en nacimientos de los hijos de amigos para que los nuevos padres puedan comprar según necesidad. Pero a partir de aquí no tendemos a darles más uso que para regalos de este tipo.

Pero hoy en día nos encontramos con el boom de las compras online y gracias a esto hay un par de tipos de empresas que se están aprovechando para ganar grandes cantidades de dinero, hablamos de empresas que se encargan de mover dinero, y pienso sobretodo en empresas especializadas en pagos seguros online, por ejemplo Paypal o similares y empresas que gestionan cobros mediante tarjeta o similar. Este tipo de empresas cobran un porcentaje que no baja del 3% de cada transacción, lo que perjudica claramente al vendedor ya que tiene que reducir su margen y al comprador porque repercute en un incremento de precios.

Estos porcentajes tendrían cierto sentido hace 10 años, pero hoy en día en que todas estas plataformas están automatizadas y el coste de servicios online se ha reducido en gran medida no deberían superar un pequeño coste fijo para transacciones menores a 500€ por ejemplo, y dejar de ser un porcentaje.Hay plataformas modernas, que ya plantean modelos así pero como acostumbra a pasar en España todavía falta para que esté disponible y nadie se atreve a llevar la contraria a entidades bancarias.

Por todo ello, estos últimos meses me planteé que alternativas había y gracias a, y a los amazons de los distintos países, se me ocurrió aprovechar los cheques regalo como forma de pago, que no tienen comisiones, y el único inconveniente es que obligan al que lo recibe a gastárselo en amazon, pero quien no tiene compras que hacer? Y cómo ya sabréis en amazon podemos encontrar prácticamente de todo y además a buenos precios.

Otro factor importante es que para los que hagan ventas online como forma de negocio, los cheques regalo se acumulan en tu cuenta de amazon, por lo que en ningún momento te llega dinero real en tu cuenta bancaria, y aunque tampoco conozco los pormenores legales, es probable que no tengas que tributarlo.

Pues estos días he tenido la oportunidad de hacer un pago por una PS3 de segunda mano que tenía intención de comprar, y nos pusimos de acuerdo en hacer el pago mediante un cheque regalo, de esta forma los 2 nos evitamos pagar más y cobrar menos evitando las comisiones de otros servicios.

Si estás buscando algún producto puedes utilizar el servicio #WhereToBuy que te permite hacer búsquedas rápidas entre los amazons y ebays de diferentes países para poder comparar precios rápidamente.

Si estás pensando en utilizar los cheques regalo utiliza nuestro banner directo para comprarlos, gracias!

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Jun 11, 2014

Nintendo 3DS, una consola también para adultos

Hace unos días que iba detrás de una 3DS, después de pasar grandes momentos con mi DS Lite ya tocaba hacer una renovación viendo los nuevos juegos que están saliendo se está convirtiendo en la consola más interesante del momento, ante la espera de las nuevas consolas que mejor que algunos juegos portables para pasar ratos perdidos.
Mi juego de referencia es el nuevo Fire Emblem, exclusivo de 3DS. Tras jugar a varios juegos de la saga y ver algunos vídeos y reviews fue el factor que me hizo decidirme a comprar la Nintendo 3DS.

Después de tenerla en las manos sorprende el efecto 3D sin gafas, en los pocos juegos que probado suele estar bien implementado, aunque en algunos deja un poco que desear o en otros llega a marear un poco.

La consola

Primero de todo necesitamos decidirnos si comprar la consola sola o bien optar por uno de los packs que incluyen un juego. Cómo andaba detrás del Fire Emblem vi que estaba en venta un pack de 3DS con el Fire Emblem, por tanto mataba dos pájaros de un tiro. Pero hay un problema, el juego viene instalado en la tarjeta SD de la consola y no en un cartucho, por lo que nos es imposible compartirlo o dejarlo a un amigo. Por ello me decidí por comprar la consola sola.

El cargador

Uno de las pegas que tiene la 3DS es que en ninguno de los packs de la consola se incluye ningún cargador, una medida recaudatoria que en nuestra opinión deja a Nintendo muy mala imagen. Si quieren evitar que tengamos cargadores repetidos lo tienen muy fácil que le pongan un micro-usb que todos tenemos en casa. Tras comprar un cargador compatible en ebay que tan sólo enchufarlo se quemó, os recomiendo comprar uno original en amazon cuando compréis la consola, aunque luego cabe decir que me enviaron otro que funcionó correctamente, dónde lo encontraréis unos euros más barato que en las tiendas, y así evitaréis la odisea de encontrarlo y el precio que tuve que pagar.

El protector de pantalla

En mi DS Lite me recomendaron usar ya el primer día un protector de pantalla, en definitiva una pegatina que protege la pantalla ante arañazos, me recomendaron que ante todo comprara los protectores Hori que en su momento eran de importación japonesa pero que se podían encontrar en tiendas online. Y la verdad comparando mi DS Lite con otras que he visto me hace estar convencido de que fue la mejor decisión, teniendo en cuenta que la sensibilidad de la pantalla táctil no varió en absoluto. Así que pues me decidí a buscar también si existían protectores Hori para 3DS y así es, además parece que son los protectores de pantalla oficiales de Nintendo. No dudéis en gastar los pocos euros que valen para mantener vuestra 3DS en las mejores condiciones posibles.

Custom Pack

Los 3 primeros es el pack que os recomiendo, también hay la opción de consola con un juego:

Los juegos

En cuanto a los juegos, en mi humilde opinión y para mi gusto, no hay muchos que destaquen, por una parte el que ya os he mencionado, el Fire Emblem, por otra el Shin Megami Tensei IV, que todavía no está disponible en europa son mis dos compras seguras. He estado revisando la tienda online y no ofrece ninguna ventaja, es mejor comprarlos en amazon, dónde los precios son mucho más baratos. Lo que tiene de bueno la tienda online es poder descargar, por fin, demos para probar alguno de los juegos que estemos pensando en comprar.

Fire Emblem Awakening

Qué decir más, a parte que es un juego de estrategia por turnos, un juego clásico con las mejoras que tienen los juegos más actuales y para mí el mejor juego de la 3DS del momento.

Bravely Default

Este juego, de los creadores de Final Fantasy, es una mezcla entre RPG clásico y las novedades de los juegos modernos, al igual que comentaba con el Fire Emblem, este más orientado a los fans de los RPG más clásicos. No tenía intención de comprarlo pero tras probar la demo no me he podido resistir, probadlo y veréis como también caeis.

Super Mario 3D Land

Este juego me lo ha dejado un amigo y aunque no soy un gran fan de los juegos de mario, reconozco que es divertido y es fenomenal para dedicarle un ratito a pasar alguna de las pantallas.

Gracias por leernos!
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May 24, 2014

The best controller for the Windows PC: another XBox 360 Controller review

xbox controller
After some time without a controller for my PC I decided to get a Xbox 360 controller, as I already have an Xbox 360 and wanted a second controller too, decided to buy a Xbox 360 wireless controller for Windows, wanted also to give my opinion about it.

It’s no doubt that the Xbox 360 by Microsoft is one of the biggest gaming platforms out there. It features stunning graphics and amazing platform for some of the hottest games including Halo and Call of Duty. Nowadays, more and more games are being released on Multi-format, and some, like sports games or old school games with emulators, are best played with a controller. A console is nothing without a good game controller and Xbox has created one of the best controllers out there, very comfortable to use.

Unlike the original Xbox pad, which was bulky, uncomfortable and, at times, downright painful to use, the 360 pad sits snugly in your hands. The ergonomics are carefully thought as we can see the triggers sit nicely near your fingers, just at the right point to press them quickly should the need arise. We can say it feels right in the hands, no controls are left feeling too far out of reach when playing with the controller. The buttons are nice and firm so that you know you’re really pressing them and every controls has a smooth free flowing motion to it which adds a level of advancement to the controller. An almost perfect weight, not too heavy, and not too light. The buttons feel smooth to the touch, and the thumb sticks feel like a new home for your thumbs, with the little indentations on said sticks meaning your thumbs aren’t going to be sliding from their positions in a hurry. The triggers too, go in enough to give a satisfying click when pushed in all the way, however they can feel a little too eager to spring back at first, which takes some getting used to if you’re not used to a triggers on a PC pad.

It’s good to mention that the controller works with both the Xbox and Windows-based computers. Included in the package is the controller and a CD to install the drivers required for the controller to work on Windows. So if you have a Windows-based game on Steam or other platform this controller could potentially work with that game and create a richer game experience when playing the game.

I can say I am not much of a gamer today and I just tested it with a few games, I will leave the compatibility facts to you, also give your opinions on problems found. When I have more playing hours with it on Windows I will edit the post.

The wireless version can not be used directly with your windows PC, you will need a usb receiver included in the "for windows version", which is a must have if you happen to have already a xbox controller with your Xbox 360 and need another controller, if you buy it you will have 2 controllers that can be used in windows games or Xbox games. Also you can buy the usb adapter if you already have a pair of controllers.

Even after some years in the market it's yet a great controller and a fine recommendation for anyone to have to play games on their computer constantly and needs that edge over a keyboard to use on your PC.

Please share your love for the Xbox controller on all your social networks with this flattering article from an Xbox fan like you.

On the other side if you prefer to play with your keyboard and mouse, check our Logitech G602 gamin mouse long term review.

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Apr 13, 2014

How to update your Xbox 360's dashboard in flashed LiteOn models

open up your xboxThis a simple checklist to update Flashed Fat Xbox 360 with LiteOn drive. It's a simple process but you need to be careful, if you did it time ago you need to go checking all the Tutorial to refresh your memory on the process, so this is the motivation behind this checklist. On any doubt check the JungleFlasher Tutorial, it's the source of this step by step tutorial.
  1. Download the new version of JungleFlasher, if you had already used JungleFlasher I advise to overwrite your previous installation, so the Key DB will be carried over.
  2. Shutdown your computer and open your XBox and connect the XBox's dvd drive to your computer through SATA, also keep the video connection on your XBox to keep it from auto-shutdown.
  3. Turn on your Xbox and your computer and you will need to disable driver signature enforcement on your PC, in Windows 8 you will need to find in the lateral menu Configuration menu and go to 'PC Settings', then 'Recovery', 'Advanced Startup' and your PC will shutdown to a new menu. In this menu select 'Troubleshoot', then 'Advanced', then 'Startup Settings' and your PC will finally restart, on restart you will be prompted with many startup option that you need to select with F1-F9, select 'Disable driver signature' (F7), and Windows will boot up.
  4. Start the JungleFlasher program as Administrator and if you don't have any, you will need to download the Firmwares, stocks and LT+3.0, in my case as my Dashboard is post 2.0.13141 you will need the LiteOn 02510C.
  5. To Return your Xbox to the stock firmware you will need to load your Dummy.bin file, that you should have backed up, skip the LT loading and then search as destination firmware the stock 02510C and spoof to target. Finally you will need to erase & write the Firmware (refer to the Tutorial section in the Jungleflasher help document).
  6. With your drive in stock firmware, you will need to update your Dashboard. Turn off your PC and your Xbox, reconnect the Xbox's drive, HD and net cable. Just connect to Live and update.
  7. Again you will have to make the same as the step 2-3 to flash the LT+ firmware. But now instead of loading the stock firmware you will need the last LT+ firmware that you can download from c4eva's page, remember that for the LiteOn models is the 02150C firmware. Spoof and erase & write the firmware. Now you finally have the latest dashboard!
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Mar 9, 2014

A few thougths about the new console generation and what should we expect

new generation consoles
Many of us have talked at length about the new console generation, before and after their release by the end of last year, even many of us did a comparison of their best points, but after a few months, and even the more than successful sales, the new generation has yet to really start.

Why? Many will agree that there is a lack of games that justify the purchase of a PS4 or an Xbox One, this is the main reason really. Yes, these new consoles offer much more, but we buy'em to play and there are no good games to play yet.

But, of course, this step was necessary, the last generation was getting obsolete comparing to the new hardware, but even then, last year last generation's best games were launched, like GTA V: the masterpiece of Rockstar, and good new games also get their PS3 and Xbox 360 version. These makes that a few of us even want to get an old generation's console for cheap, taking advantage of the new generation launch.

But today we are seeing that this generation release was unprepared and hasty, as many games are getting delayed, probably for a lack of development time and experimenting with the new hardware. But we can expect that by the end of year, and especially next year, some good games will appear that will justify the purchase.

Also there will be others who get benefited, for example the PC, with PS3's different architecture and the lack of power compared to today's computers, many good games were not optimized to get the most out of PC possibilities. These makes a good time to get an ssd to upgrade your PC, or even make a components update to start fresh. The second hand market also gets more active in periods where there are more console sales, so this is a good time to check Ebay for offers with #WhereToBuy, and also other consoles' increase their sales, the 3ds is a good option for adult audience as well.

You can also try #WhereToBuy a service that gives you the best online stores to buy, check it for a PS4 or an Xbox One.

Thanks for reading!
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Feb 3, 2014

8 recommendations to buy at amazon from UK

This is a list of recommendations that I can give you from my experiences buying at amazon in the last years:
  1. Starting by the most logical buying from UK you should first go to, it has a complete selection, maybe not as much as Also you have to take into account that offers free shipping for orders with a cost of £10, you can check the detailed info on amazon's deliveries site.
  2. #WhereToBuy, a third party website offers a simple service that searches the best online stores, of course, amazon included, and compares its price for different countries, easy and faster than amazon website.
  3. When you want to buy on other amazon locales, look out for the exchange rates and use Amazon Currency Converter, the automatic exchange tool of amazon, so when you are reviewing your order will be in your preferred currency, without bank surprises.
  4. Be careful buying at, due to customs, as the package will get dispatched from USA, is probable that gets reviewed and hold, although amazon now includes an extra for the customs. If you sum it up with the delivery the price gets too high, that's the main reason why I always have bought in the European amazons.
  5. Try to buy products that amazon is the seller, third party products are recommendable always that amazon manages their delivery then you will able to combine the delivery costs for the different products or the delivery is free of charge, else you will have to pay deliveries for each of the articles.
  6. Third party product are more recommendable to buy on your country's amazon, to avoid future problems with refunds. Also check thoroughly the delivery costs.
  7. Check prices in all European amazons before buying anything, one account can be used in all country's amazons,,,, and, put the product on your basket and start confirming your order, in the last step, the review page, you will see the final price in your currency (if you activated the Currency converter), with this price you will be able to make a real comparison between countries.
  8. And for last, patience if you want to buy at good prices, keep in mind that at amazon prices oscillate constantly, it may be because the product has not sold very well or it receives many visits, we don't really know the real reasons. But to keep track of the prices we use a windows application to monitor the prices and check its evolution called Wishlist Manager, this way we buy the price when the price is lower.
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Jan 6, 2014

Dónde conseguir un Garmin Forerunner 220 en España

Hace unos meses vi el Forerunner 220, el nuevo modelo que sustituye al Forerunner 210, y me pareció espectacular, realmente Garmin ha mejorado mucho su nueva gama de Forerunners, no como ha pasado con los Garmin Edge, hace meses comparábamos el Edge 520 con el 500 y en mi opinión no sigue sin mejorarlo.

Siguiendo con el nuevo Forerunner, como siempre, los nuevos productos de Garmin tardan a llegar a Europa pero por suerte en amazon parece que ya lo podemos conseguir, he estado investigando precios porque realmente me interesa mucho pese a que el rango de precio se ha incrementado notablemente respecto al Forerunner 210.

Aquí tenéis una tabla comparativa de los precios del Forerunner 220 en todos los amazons:

Garmin 220 precio + IVA* Envío Total En €** (travisport) 249,00 0,00 249,00 $249 n/a 249,00 8,00 257,00 249,00 8,00 257,00 199,40 5,76 205,16 246,19 243,32 4,48 247,80
Garmin 220 + HRM (travisport) 279,00 0,00 279,00 299,00 n/a 298,00 0,00 298,00 278,00 17,00 295,00 252,08 5,76 257,84 309,41 n/a
* Hay países en que tienen un IVA más bajo, amazon recalcula el precio para adaptarlo al IVA español por eso algunos precios varían un poco en el último momento.
** Hemos aproximado el cambio libra-euro a 1.2

Viendo los precios me interesaría optar por el pack que lleva el monitor de frecuencia cardíaca (HRM), que viendo que es la nueva Premium por 30€ más puede resultar interesante. Estos son las 4 opciones que barajo.

Tened en cuenta que algunos de los precios mencionados arriba no se muestran en la portada del artículo y hay que seleccionarlos en "Más opciones de compra". También si decidís comprar en otro amazon del que no dominéis el idioma es recomendable usar Chrome que lleva traductor integrado y traduce la página completa de forma transparente.
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