May 17, 2013

Kindle Touch update surprise: time to finish chapter or book

A few days back I wanted to look for a book to shop if it was available on amazon, instead of going to power up my PC or finding the tablet I connected the WiFi on my kindle touch, after a few minutes a new document appeared announcing a new update.

Usually I don't connect the WiFi on the kindle, maybe from time to time to read new Instapaper bookmarks or check for some of the daily offers in uk.

Within the document there were described the new features and one got my attention, ETA to complete the chapter or the e-book, that was a simple, very useful, motivational (sometimes) and mind-blowing feature.

And really after installing the update all works great, the interface has improved, slicker and more modern and I am really addicted to this time estimation feature. Here you can see my updated kindle with its folio cover it on my American Gods Kindle copy, so no spoilers in the comments please ;-).

american gods in kindle
My time to end American Gods :)

I suppose more modern back-lighted kindles also received the updates so if you own one you should update now!

Thinking about such feature, really it should be applied to more scopes, time is money so we should know beforehand were are we inverting our time.

Remember to use the Wishlist Manager to track the price, here are the links of the more accessible range of Kindles:

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