May 29, 2013

Error en el calculo del envío a españa desde

A mediados de este mes de junio de 2013 nos encontramos con la sorpresa que deja de hacer envíos gratuitos a España, por ello algunos puntos de este post han quedado obsoletos, aunque algunos todavía son aplicables, os avisamos mientras no hagamos cambios en el post.

Hace un par de días quería comprar unos filtros para Brita en el amazon de Reino Unido ya que estan considerablemente más baratos que en cualquier tienda de la zona o hasta en el amazon español.

Cómo ya comentamos en nuestras recomendacions para comprar en amazon, realiza el envío gratuito a España gastando unas £25, así que añadí un artículo de los baratos de mi lista de deseos (wishlist) para completar el pedido. Después de avanzar a los pasos para pagar y después de seleccionar el FREE Super Saver Delivery veo que en el item de postage & delivery no es 0 sino £5.17. Después de esperar un par de días por si era un error temporal y ver que la cosa no cambia me decido a enviar un correo a amazon explicando mi problema.

Al día siguiente recibí la siguiente respuesta del equipo de soporte de amazon:
Message From Customer Service 
I'm sorry to hear about the error you experienced that prevented you from placing order via Free Super Saver delivery on our website and for the inconvenience this is causing you.
I've checked our records and can see that Free Super Saver Delivery is available for the items in your shopping basket.
This situation was the result of a technical error and I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused. We didn't intend for this to happen and I hope you'll give us another opportunity to prove the quality of our service to you.
I've reported this problem to the technical team and they'll resolve it as soon as possible. These errors are normally fixed within a short period of time, so please try again shortly.
To makeup for this inconvenience, I request you to place a new order for these items and get back to us after placing a new order so that we will be glad to issue a refund of these additional charges(5.17 GBP).
When you select the free product to add to your basket, please make sure that the item is sold and dispatched by On the right hand side of the product detail page there is a section titled “more buying choices”. Here you can select product to purchase from
I can indeed understand that it is bit frustrating to contact us again.
I hope you'll understand that this will help us in assisting you the right way and your concern is resolved at your fullest satisfaction.
Again, we apologise for this inconvenience.
We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Warmest regards,
En resumen, comentan que todos los productos de mi cesta permiten el envío gratuito y que reportan el error para que el equipo de desarrollo lo corrija, pero que mientras puedo hacer el pedido y que pida la devolución del coste del envío y me la devolverán.

Esto me pasó hará cosa de un año, pere entonces no me fijé en que me estaban cobrando el envío, tras ver el cargo en mi cuenta y ver que no me cuadraba, hice la reclamación y me devolvieron el importe extra del envío con bastante rapidez. Otra cosa quizá no, pero en amazon el servicio postventa es muy bueno, se tiene que reconocer.

Por eso si habéis encontrado con este problema podéis seguir adelante y reclamar, o reclamar si ya habéis hecho el pedido. Quien no llora no mama ;)

Actualización 13/06/2013: Después de reclamar el reembolso del envío de mi último envío se me ocurrió que igual podía haber algún error en mi dirección de envío y que hacía que se calculara mal los gastos, total que por probar fui a Manage Address Book para editar mi dirección de envío y hice un cambio para asegurar que se guarden los cambios, al final lo dejé correcto y probé de completar un pedido y ahora sí, aparecía correctamente gastos de envío igual a 0.

Gracias por leernos!
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May 28, 2013

My blog got disabled. How you should restore it

For almost a week this blog was disabled, maybe you did not notice if it's your first time here, but the Google robots marked it as a spam blog and then no one could access the blog, it was deleted on my blogger account and could not restore it. The only thing that I was able to do was to request a revision by a "human", as the process is automatized it has a probability of error, even it may be low. I did the request which, as stated by the request form information, should be done in a couple of working days. But as you may guess, this did not happen, as the days passed I thought that I should take some action, and of course googled my problem which I found to be quite recurrent.
If your blog also has been disabled for being marked as a spam blog, you should have received an email with:
Hello, Your blog at has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: SPAM. In accordance to these terms, we've removed the blog and the URL is no longer accessible. For more information, please review the following resources: Terms of Service: Blogger Content Policy: -The Blogger Team
I found the blogger help forum where many people request help for problems with the platform, and also many where asking to recover their disabled blog, following some of those threads I found out that the reasons are mainly that your blog may not be following the Blogger Guidelines, which as a more schematic guide that I found on the forums are:
  • Affiliate marketing (Please, don't confuse this with "affiliate networking"!).
  • Automated traffic redirection, to another Blogger blog, or to non Google hosted content.
  • Commercially funded adult content.
  • Content created with scripts and programs, rather than by hand.
  • Content or links which reference account hacking / password distribution / password sharing.
  • Content or links which reference code deconstruction / reverse engineering, to bypass normal use of proprietary software.
  • Content or links which reference referral-based activities such as GPT ("Get Paid To"), MLM ("Multi-Level Marketing"), MMF ("Make Money Fast"), MMH ("Make Money from Home"), PTC ("Pay To Click"), or PTS ("Pay To Surf").
  • Content scraped from other blogs / websites.
  • Copyright Infringement.
  • Large blogs with multiple, unfocused / unrelated subjects.
  • Links to Illegal Downloads / Streaming / Torrents.
  • Monetizing of adult content, aka porn spam.
If your blog has been disabled you should follow the next steps, which are the steps that I followed to get my blog restored:
  1. Identify the possible infringement/s of your blog but as you aren't able to access it and correct it check your other blogs, if you have any, and correct them, so they also behave as the guidelines suggest. Also if your deleted blog and any of the other blogs has repeated content, even it may be created by you, should only be available in one of the blogs, then delete all repeated content if you want to restore your blog, even delete blogs that you don't use or have repeated content. This is not mandatory but is a way to convince that you are serious in your desire to correct your behavior following now strictly the guidelines, remember to mention it when you ask for help.
  2. After all your blogger data is ready to get reviewed, submit the review request on blogger.
  3. If after a few days, at least 4 days, your blog is still disabled, go to the blogger help forums, in the Something is broken section, where you can ask for help. You need to Post a new question requesting assistance, to jump over a small step you should include a screenshot of your my blogs section at Blogger, where it shows the blog that you want restored, so the people at the forum can confirm what was the reason of your blog disabling, as I saw that this step was always required I already posted the screenshots on my question.
  4. In your question you should include your blog's URL, the date you received notice of your blog disabling and the date you filed your initial review request. If you need some inspiration in writing your request here you can read mine and see how it was resolved.
  5. If nothing has changed when you post your question, +Nitecruzr will respond your request, asking for your own review on what may be the problem with your blog, according to the blogger guidelines, and accepting in the most sincere way where you may have infringed the Blogger guidelines. If all seems ok your request will be forwarded to Blogger Support where they will do a final evaluation which can not be appealed.
After all these inconveniences our blog is online and working ok now, our thoughts are a little wary of what really happened with the spamming process and why it triggered right now. Our blog has only a good visited post which by chance is critic to a product, our comparison between the Edge 500 and the new Edge 520, that criticisms a new product that really does not offer any good improvement over an old product of the same company.

There are many people online that think that blogger disabling blogs may be caused for abuse of the Flag Blog button, but as Blogger claims that just brings the blog to the attention of a human that reviews the content. Maybe that "human" thought that our blog contained too many links and product promotions, but as you can see most of our product posts have a critic side. All this happens because we can't afford a personalized host yet, until we can reach a small amount, if you want to help us you can buy at amazon through our links and contact page.

Thanks for reading!
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May 17, 2013

Kindle Touch update surprise: time to finish chapter or book

A few days back I wanted to look for a book to shop if it was available on amazon, instead of going to power up my PC or finding the tablet I connected the WiFi on my kindle touch, after a few minutes a new document appeared announcing a new update.

Usually I don't connect the WiFi on the kindle, maybe from time to time to read new Instapaper bookmarks or check for some of the daily offers in uk.

Within the document there were described the new features and one got my attention, ETA to complete the chapter or the e-book, that was a simple, very useful, motivational (sometimes) and mind-blowing feature.

And really after installing the update all works great, the interface has improved, slicker and more modern and I am really addicted to this time estimation feature. Here you can see my updated kindle with its folio cover it on my American Gods Kindle copy, so no spoilers in the comments please ;-).

american gods in kindle
My time to end American Gods :)

I suppose more modern back-lighted kindles also received the updates so if you own one you should update now!

Thinking about such feature, really it should be applied to more scopes, time is money so we should know beforehand were are we inverting our time.

Remember to use the Wishlist Manager to track the price, here are the links of the more accessible range of Kindles:

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