Apr 29, 2013

Why should I use the Wishlist Manager?

wishlist managerYou may be asking the same question and I will give you a few reasons that differentiate Wishlist Manager of similar products:
  • Privacy: In other products everybody could find what items are in your wishlist, but in Wishlist Manager the link of the wishlist is not stored and only the products are imported in your computer and not stored in the cloud.
  • More functional and relevant overview information: the price, the availability and the price evolution graphic, if you need any more information you can navigate to the amazon product page clicking on the 'a' button.
  • Less annoying to add items: you can add the items through the link or even better import your amazon wish list through the wishlist link, and you even can choose if you want to add the complete wish list or the new items you have added. Also you can add amazon links from any website!
  • Smart shopping with low prices, and not a rushing and consumist shopping way, wait for the right price and don't feel bad on your online shopping.
  • Availability and if not available since when was registered to avoid tracking uncatalogued items
  • Filters: now the products get tagged with 3 different tags; price drop, last item warning and no stock and a text filter, you can combine the filters to find your desired products.
  • Easy to install: just a couple of clicks, no directories and no configuration, ready to use.
And soon:
  • Item starring: follow the most interesting items in your wishlist if it is too large.
  • A final release and a Windows 8 version downloadable from the store.
Thanks for reading, more info as soon as possible.
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