Apr 29, 2013

Why should I use the Wishlist Manager?

wishlist managerYou may be asking the same question and I will give you a few reasons that differentiate Wishlist Manager of similar products:
  • Privacy: In other products everybody could find what items are in your wishlist, but in Wishlist Manager the link of the wishlist is not stored and only the products are imported in your computer and not stored in the cloud.
  • More functional and relevant overview information: the price, the availability and the price evolution graphic, if you need any more information you can navigate to the amazon product page clicking on the 'a' button.
  • Less annoying to add items: you can add the items through the link or even better import your amazon wish list through the wishlist link, and you even can choose if you want to add the complete wish list or the new items you have added. Also you can add amazon links from any website!
  • Smart shopping with low prices, and not a rushing and consumist shopping way, wait for the right price and don't feel bad on your online shopping.
  • Availability and if not available since when was registered to avoid tracking uncatalogued items
  • Filters: now the products get tagged with 3 different tags; price drop, last item warning and no stock and a text filter, you can combine the filters to find your desired products.
  • Easy to install: just a couple of clicks, no directories and no configuration, ready to use.
And soon:
  • Item starring: follow the most interesting items in your wishlist if it is too large.
  • A final release and a Windows 8 version downloadable from the store.
Thanks for reading, more info as soon as possible.
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Apr 9, 2013

Wishlist Manager beta 2 is finally out! Check a couple of screenshots

Filter by price drop and last item
The new version of Wishlist Manager, 0.2 or beta 2, has been released and as the officious blog of the app we are reporting this minor, yet full of features, release.

For the ones that aren't familiar with WM, it's a wishlist price tracker for amazon products, the idea behind it is to substitute the integrated amazon wishlist and become your smart shopping helper and in incoming releases more online stores will be available!

We will add a few screenshots which illustrate some of the new features, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, and also remember that you can try the app downloading it from the WM button on the right panel or in the official homepage.

Improved price graph

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Apr 3, 2013

Recopilatorio de productos recomendados en Put in your basket

Get it from CNET Download.com!
Ya disponible en CNET!
Con la publicación de la versión 0.2 de Wishlist Manager y para celebrar que nos han incluido en CNET, como podéis ver en el nuevo botón de descarga, queremos hacer una recopilación de los productos más destacados que hemos recomendado en nuestro blog, en ningún orden en particular, eso sí, hemos filtrado los que por una razón o por otra ya no son recomendables, por ejemplo hay una versión mejorada de un producto o ya están descatalogados.

Para facilitar que podáis seguir estos productos podéis aprovechar una de las nuevas funcionalidades de la nueva versión de WM podéis añadir todos los enlaces de este post directamente a vuestra wishlist, introduciendo el enlace de esta página en el campo que aparece al clicar el icono '+'. Sólo comentar que también lo podéis hacer con cualquier página que contenga enlaces de amazon.

Recordad que a parte de comprar a partir de nuestros enlaces de amazon.es o utilizar Wishlist Manager, también podéis sacar provecho de #wheretobuy, una web en la que hemos colaborado en su desarrollo, y con ella podremos buscar los mejores precios online.

Estas han sido nuestros productos favoritos del 2012

En amazon.es:
En amazon.co.uk:
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Apr 1, 2013

Get started with the Wishlist Manager. First steps

We are starting to promote WM and yet still not has much audience, we will start today talking the first steps to prepare your wishlist for start tracking your products.


  1. Install WM, go to the homepage or click the right pane download button which directly links the installer. The Clickonce installer will popup a windows alert asking to install the app, it will alert you that app downloaded from the internet are dangerous but as you may realize it does not ask for special permissions (if you have the permissions demand of Windows 7 (UAC) activated). You can proceed to install.

  2. installation progressWait for the installer to download the app files, it's only a few MB and with fast connections it is a short wait. You can cancel the process any moment but it is just a simple app that can be easily uninstalled later if you are not happy, and remember that if you find any problems in the install process we can help you, just leave us a comment.

  3. desktop icon
  4. After the install process the program will auto-launch, the install process will create an icon on your desktop and your start menu, you can delete the desktop one if you have a desktop extremely organized. Remember that you can uninstall easily the app at programs and features, just search the WM entry.

Creating your wishlist

    add product to wishlist
  1. The program will start with an empty wishlist so you will need to import the items you want to track. Click the '+' icon and a text box area will open, there you will have to put the URL (or address) of the amazon product, that item will be added to your wishlist in WM.

  2. If the product is already being tracked by our cloud server you will get a new entry in your wishlist with the current info, which includes the name, price, image and a graph of the price evolution since it started being tracked by our servers. The graph by default is hidden you have to press the second button in the product to see it. The price is localized in the currency of the amazon which the item belongs and the desired price is 1 cent minus the price in the moment of adding it to your wishlist, in incoming versions we will be able to edit the desired price. The button with the "a" opens a new webpage to the product on amazon in your default browser and the bin deletes the item from your wishlist.

  3. In the other hand, if the product is not registered in our servers you will get a blank item pending to being tracked by our server, our server will register the item to start tracking it from now on, so, on the next hours you will get the item with all the data.

  4. You have to be careful when you get the URL from the address bar in your navigator, the URL has an identifier for the product, and with products that have different sizes, like a t-shirt, every size has its own identifier and therefore its own URL, the problem is that when you chose the size the address bar does not updates to the selected size, so the less annoying way to deal with this is to add the product to your wishlist, as we added a new function in the last version to import complete amazon wishlists. After adding the item to your wishlist you have to make your wishlist public through the "Change" button in your wishlist (see image), it is only needed to share with the link, then you will have to get the link in the "Share with friends" button (see the other image").

On privacy

As you may have noticed we don't ask for user, nor registers, nor emails, we also don't save the items that you request info for, nor your wishlist, so you can rest assured for your privacy. The items on your wishlist are stored on your own computer.
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