Mar 27, 2013

Updated WM with modern UI, the wishlist manager for smart buyers. Download now!

In little more than a week +Ferran Salguero Mateu has managed to improve greatly its wishlist app WM, which we presented last week, the wishlist for smart buyers, as we like to call it.
wishlist manager
WM [Wishlist Manager]

We have achieved important milestones for the app, that consist on:
  • Improved visuals using modern UI as inspiration.
  • Import of wishlists through their public link.
  • Asynchronous loading and updating on background of the wishlist items.

You can download the app in the homepage, remember that the install process consists on one simple click and also can auto-update on new releases. Here you can find a small tutorial.

Soon we will add a button on the blog to easy access and some help to get started, meanwhile here you have a screenshot of the working app.

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Mar 21, 2013

WM: the definitive wishlist for compulsive buyers in open beta test

WM captureAfter a few years of buying at amazon, and trying to overcome my online compulsive buying just trying to buy smart, to avoid feel the guilt of online speed buying, and after trying many methods today I want to highlight the first beta release of a new app that can help our smart online shopping. WM (from Wishlist Manager) is, still, a simple wishlist that checks the price of amazon products and you can download it in its homepage.

Amazon has an integrated wishlist which is good to accumulate all the products that we come across and happen to like, but is difficult to manage, and not even useful, my idea was to have a wish list that was really useful and easy to use, that checks the price of those items to warn us of price drops, so frequent in amazon. I am aware that there are sites that already do that, but after using some of them they don't really adjust to my necessities, and probably also this happens to many of other users.

Creating an app is not easy, we need time and manpower, which costs money. +Ferran Salguero Mateu, a .NET software engineer who wants to start some freelancing experience combining it with its already experienced career in the private company, is working on the prototype of the application, currently developed in WPF in his home office. This will be the prototype that we are sharing today in beta version but which will give us a basic idea of how the app will be, at least in its first release version.

The app is open to all kind of changes, as anyone can try this beta version, we will be expecting all kind of feedback from all of you that want to participate, don't be shy, any contribution will be appreciated, as long as it's provided with respect. In the WM homepage you will find all the information you can require, if you have any doubt ask us.

There are many ideas yet to come, that will improve greatly the app, from other adding from many online stores to filtering, but the lack of time is the main reason why the app is still on beta phase, we expect to keep working on it and give to all online shoppers a great tool to buy smart.

Give it a try! It's only a couple of clicks to install and you can directly install from the button on the right, can't be easier.
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