Jan 21, 2013

Training videos: how to use Tacx real videos with a Minoura B60-R

After getting my new trainer I needed some extra motivation to train hard, radio and TV are not bad but they make me loose concentration and stop pedaling. A friend lend me an old Tacx Real life video, the Mount Ventoux one, which was some years old already, he uses it for an old Tacx Fortius (this is newer) model trainer, but as mine is not a Tacx I have to use the Tacx Real Video Player application, that can be downloaded at their website, but it seems this kind of old video is not compatible with current formats.

After reading some forums, at Tacx and personal websites, those videos were produced for the iMagic and Fortius models of trainer before the TTS (Tacx Training Software) application was available. Those older RLVs used a .pgmf file to be recognized by the software, unfortunately the TTS software does not work with those files anymore and a substitute .TTS file is required for the video player to recognize, after copying the .tts file to the needed directories it was no way to make it work, so I gave up frustrated.

After talking with my friend, he lend me another video more recent, and this one works seamlessly, no need to copy files and it works great. In the player you can specify another brand trainer if you don't have a Tacx, no problem, it seems the number of "speeds" for other brands is 7 so no problem here for me as the Minoura B60-R has 7.

I also want to try some other videos, I will be posting soon. Here you got some Tacx videos that look interesting:

And remember that you can configure your Garmin Edge 500 to see your speed deactivating the GPS when you are on your trainer, mine a Minoura B60-R
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