Jan 10, 2013

Rockstar is really the gaming star. This generation past and future

We all know Rockstar for their acclaimed GTA series, they changed the gaming rules with their game GTA III in the past generation of consoles. Many have tried to follow their path but in this generation of consoles we have seen how they distanced from the competition publishing new series not related to GTA franchise.

After finishing Red Dead Redemption's main story, I got the GOTY version of course, I became curious about many other well acclaimed games of Rockstar in this generation, taking advantage that those are games with a few months on its back, or even years, I bought some of them at cheap prices at eBay.

Those are this generation Rockstar's top games, for each game I wanted to enumerate a few points that, in my humble opinion, I considered about them, good and bad points. Also on the game title there's is the percentage completed of the game, some of them I could finish them but some I haven't enough time or maybe I got somehow bored or a better game fall into my hands.

The Past

GTA 4 (Finished) and Episodes (~50%)

good points:
  • complete roaming city
  • great NPC
  • side stories are a good extra
  • interrelated stories with the episodes characters
  • music
can be improved:
  • linear story
  • shooting action can be improved
  • I hate the hellicopter handling and missions

GTA Chinatown Wars for DS (~30%)

good points:
  • Nice comic style cutscenes
  • Good minigames using the touch screen
  • Stunning roaming world optimized for humble hardware like the DS
  • Old GTA style side minigames
can be improved:
  • Driving could be improved or reconsidered, considering the low visibility of the incoming route

Red Dead Redemption (finished main story, Undead Nightmare unfinished)

good points:
  • improved shooting action and dueling minigame
  • good main and side stories/quests
  • ambientation
can be improved:
  • minigames
  • sometimes repetitive missions
  • Undead Nightmare story and gameplay could be improved

L.A. Noire (around 50%)

good points:
  • impressive facial animations
  • story driven
  • not linear adventure/action, multiple resolutions for cases
can be improved:
  • repetitive gameplay
  • meaningless roaming
  • shallow side stories

Max Payne 3 (20%)

After I played at a friend’s place, I could not resist to borrow it. It looks amazing, it's like playing an
action packed movie from Hollywood, the controls are excellent and until now the story looks promising.

good points:
  • improved graphics
  • best action scenes
  • good story
can be improved
  • little time to rest, even exhausting after a long play

The Future

And what should we expect for the next GTA and demand of Rockstar is to get the best of those games. Rockstar stated that the map would be even bigger than RDR and GTA4 joined, at least we have something to start being excited about.

What I am looking forward to:
  • Of course, better graphics, facial animations
  • Companions, like in The Lost which have their own stories, this has been confirmed as well.
  • Minigames blended in the play, like Chinatown Wars
What should try to improve:
  • Try to add RPG elements, like improvement of abilities, character stats, experience, etc.
  • Keep track of the story, with a NPC compendium, as sometimes you get lost between many characters and how interrelate between them.
  • Total freedom, a life simulation of some sorts.


Rockstar is a specialist in its genre, GTA style games, and they are trying to expand and mix it with other genres, as we can see in L.A. Noire. We can expect much from them as we saw on their last releases so also we should demand their best, the hopes can't be higher with their new GTA coming so soon.
Update (07/10/2013): Today Rockstar released a new gameplay video for GTA 5 and looks awesome!

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