Jan 10, 2013

My deal extreme experiment: Buying a bike light

Update 2015-11-15

After a couple of years looking from time to time different models of bike lights from Chinese manufacturers I have decided to get a Nitefighter BT40S as the reviews and product itself looks promising and not too cheap. Also if you want to spend a little less check for the Solarstorm bike light which costs a little less and many users are most than happy with them.

Also remember that for a good riding illumination you should use 2 lights, as we already stated in our essential night riding safety tips, one on the handlebar and the other in the helmet. We will talk about it when we test the light and post a review.

When you enter dealextreme you feel overwhelmed by the big number of items, some similar, some useless and some that you should never buy without a comprehensive quality test, but you can find some interesting gadgets.

All of our wishlists have some unnecessary items on which you don’t want to spend much, sometimes you just want to experiment or try something of low quality to check if it can be useful to you before buying the real thing. So, my approach when I go to dealextreme is this one, find something that can be useful or I like but I don’t want to spend much money on it, like, in my opinion, a bike light. We are talking about needs here so maybe for me it's not yet necessary but for other people, like the ones who commute on bike at night, which is indispensable. So, I found that on specialized bike stores there are a lot variety of lights but I don’t have yet experimented with any, so I don’t know which one to get. We should differentiate 2 kinds, I will call them signalizing and lightning, probably have other names but I'm pretty sure that you will understand what I meant.

  • Signalizing lights normally come in pairs, one front and one rear, the main idea for them are commuters that go around the city which is visible enough but cars can’t differentiate you. Those don’t make much light but enough to illuminate the front. Normally those are cheap.

  • Lightning lights normally is a big light, the main idea is to use it on dark roads, they can produce enough light to ride at a decent speed on a dark forest road, but in the other side are bulky and consume a lot of batteries. The price of the good ones is important and some can be around 200$.

As the good one are really expensive my idea is to get one of the lightning kind so I can experiment with rides at night or dark, with a backup, if the main light fails, to return safely. I will be checking the reviews and decide soon. Any recommendations to check?

And remember that with #WhereToBuy you can compare prices between amazon and ebay. Big Thanks!
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