Nov 21, 2012

My Nexus and Google Play bad experience

Lately I have been reading much criticism about how Google managed their Nexus 4 release and I want to add up to this movement. Many are criticizing how they managed their over purchases delaying the deliveries and the orders in limbo, my case is just one of the many more who could not order a Nexus 4, I put in the position of the ones who could place an order and you may be frustrated but, and I think I can speak for many of us, we are desperate.

As a Spain resident, our Google Play is much less taken account for, in comparison to the US store, as many said the Nexus 4 was unavailable to buy at much 15 minutes later, as I was working I could not even try to order it. For two big companies like Google and LG this is pathetic, we know the hype was high but this situation is ridiculous. I am starting to get mad at Google, and to add it all up, there’s the new version of the Nexus 7, in a couple of months later, remember that the Nexus was not available in Spain until the end of August, but the customers who got these first version, like me, can not be refunded, why? For just 1 month of use? Remember that the late orders of the 16GB version got a refund of the price difference. The Google Store is getting overwhelmed, I thought Google was more careful with their customers, Apple style, but these days I am seeing that they are like the others, no difference here.

If you are a big company and you are not ready for massive entry on physical selling you should not do it, the only thing you will get is worst image and mad clients. And I really like the Nexus 4 but my pride got hurt badly.
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