Sep 13, 2012

[Closed] Get a rebate or indirect discount buying at amazon, just buying with my associate links

Update 03/13/2013: I closed this promotion as not many people wanted to use this, the users that I contacted will receive their "rebate" when amazon pays me, in a couple of months tops, thanks to all participants.


So you want a discount or rebate buying at amazon, if you have arrived to my blog probably you have already tried other options like coupons, special offers, etc. and as I already tried I know that the vast majority of the coupons found on forums or specialized websites do not work. Only the ones offered by amazon will work.

What can I offer you?

As an amazon affiliate I get around a 5% of every purchase done through my links, my blog does not get many visits and less many purchases, but with some friends been doing a share of the revenue, they buy through my links and I give them a part of the revenue generated by their purchases. I thought that this method can be interesting to many people wanting to buy something at amazon so I want to use it in my blog, so anyone can get benefit from it. For a detailed affiliate program detail of payments or share you can check it on this website.

What’s in it for me?

Of course, a share of every purchase, I will give you a 3.5% rebate on your buying made through my links. The other 1.5% would be a small payment for my time on managing the payments, check orders, etc.

What should you do to get your rebate?

Step 1. Add the item to your basket my links

Just add the item to your basket through these links, depending on the country:
Right now, we will try to use it with these countries, if anyone asks I may add other countries.

If you look at the links, they have a tag on them that tells amazon that you are buying through my website, if you access through other sites you may see them too, you can also add the tag manually to your address bar when you are checking the item to buy, just add “&tag=tcx-20”, if you are buying at and they will know you are coming from my site, remember to add the item to your basket when you are accessing with the tag, else if amazon will not count your order as made through my site.

Step 2. Place the order of the items on your basket

Place the order and pay, remember that there is a limit of time between adding the items to buy in your basket and placing the order to count the order as made through my links, so you should remove the items from the basket and add them again if many days have passed.

Step 3. Reclaim your payment

Once your order has been received and you are sure of not returning anything, you can contact me through my Google plus profile, there's an option to send me an email. Please, send me your order number with the list of items, or any information where I can check the veracity of the order, and a Paypal account, so I can transfer the payment. At the end of month when amazon pays me I will transfer the 70% of the revenue that amazon pays me of your order to your Paypal account.


What guarantees? None. If amazon does not pay me you will not get the rebate or if the order does not appear in my sell list, of course, you will not get anything and also if you return your item. I will be wary of any suspicious behavior so I don’t get scammed. Remember, these is just a way to share the benefit of buying through associate by my good will, if you can not trust me, you will not get your rebate. Sorry.

And most important, if amazon warns me about being illegal I will stop ASAP, so be fast.
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Sep 9, 2012

Nokia smartphones with Windows Phone 8: It will really be a change or a step close to the edge?

The presentation
nokia presentation

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, stated that a change was coming, this last Wednesday 5 of September on the presentation of their new generation of smartphones. The word “switch”, long associated with Apple, announce its latest phone star, the Lumia 920, the flagship of the new phone operating system of Microsoft, the Windows Phone 8. So attached are the Finnish manufacturer and the U.S. software giant in the bid for a way to open a small gap for a third player, between iOS (Apple) and Android (Google), the two dominant systems between smartphones.

In informal clothing, Steve Jobs style, Elop introduced the Lumia 920 as the first in a range of smartphones with Pure View technology, which provides a very sharp pictures with an amazing ability to get quality snapshots in poor light. According to Nokia, the Lumia 920 is capable of processing up to five times more light than the competition smartphones without using flash and this camera of 8.7 megapixels will be its main asset. For now, no pricing or release dates, but it will be this fall.

Photography, different operating system, intuitive and fluid operating system, and phone charging by induction technology (just release the phone on the surface of the charger) are some of the main features of the Lumia. The 920 has a screen of 4.5 inches with a resolution of 1,280 x 768 pixels and a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor dual core. With 32 GB memory, Microsoft will give away extra 7GB cloud storage from Skydrive.

Nokia has added to its phone much commonly used software applications, such as mapping and navigation. Among the new features is the ability to delete an intruder in a photograph, or City Lens, an augmented reality application that lets you view the display information on establishments such as restaurants and shops pointing towards the camera. Nokia ’s new phone will be available in yellow, red, gray, black and white. With this phone also was presented a smaller in size and performance phone, the Lumia 820.

For Nokia and Microsoft, the Lumia 920 represents a great opportunity to gain a foothold in a market that both lost by reacting late to the arrival of the iPhone in 2007, so both emphasize that their applications are growing and already are 100,000 available, less than one-sixth of what are available for the two major platforms.

The controversy: The fake video

During the press event Nokia made available some promotional materials wherein there was a video showcasing PureView’s main feature, optical image stabilization (OIS), but, it turns out these demos were faked. In the video was a reflection that revealed the footage wasn’t shot on a Lumia 920, but a regular camera inside a white van. After the controversy Nokia has issued an official apology.

Conclusions and Comparison with other phones dillute the product

Investors do not seem too excited, the new range of phones has continued to doubt the capacity of markets about Nokia, showing no groundbreaking gadgets, the stock price went down a 15%, we’ll see if it happens the same with the presentation of the iPhone.

We can agree that this phone is a big step ahead compared to the last Nokia Windows Phone 7 generation, but if we compare it with the new Samsung Windows Phone 8 phone we see that the Nokia flagship it’s nothing special, none of its new specs are really useful to a smartphone user, and probably a smartphone power user would get the Samsung one, as a some of its specs are better and those are really important for portability, like battery or weight. Of course, there is no point in compare it with a beast like the Samsung Galaxy S3, we should wait a few days for the iPhone presentation and we will see if the Nokia-Microsoft alliance has been a great error and will sink them even deeper in their join venture.

Thanks for reading!
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