May 24, 2014

The best controller for the Windows PC: another XBox 360 Controller review

xbox controller
After some time without a controller for my PC I decided to get a Xbox 360 controller, as I already have an Xbox 360 and wanted a second controller too, decided to buy a Xbox 360 wireless controller for Windows, wanted also to give my opinion about it.

It’s no doubt that the Xbox 360 by Microsoft is one of the biggest gaming platforms out there. It features stunning graphics and amazing platform for some of the hottest games including Halo and Call of Duty. Nowadays, more and more games are being released on Multi-format, and some, like sports games or old school games with emulators, are best played with a controller. A console is nothing without a good game controller and Xbox has created one of the best controllers out there, very comfortable to use.

Unlike the original Xbox pad, which was bulky, uncomfortable and, at times, downright painful to use, the 360 pad sits snugly in your hands. The ergonomics are carefully thought as we can see the triggers sit nicely near your fingers, just at the right point to press them quickly should the need arise. We can say it feels right in the hands, no controls are left feeling too far out of reach when playing with the controller. The buttons are nice and firm so that you know you’re really pressing them and every controls has a smooth free flowing motion to it which adds a level of advancement to the controller. An almost perfect weight, not too heavy, and not too light. The buttons feel smooth to the touch, and the thumb sticks feel like a new home for your thumbs, with the little indentations on said sticks meaning your thumbs aren’t going to be sliding from their positions in a hurry. The triggers too, go in enough to give a satisfying click when pushed in all the way, however they can feel a little too eager to spring back at first, which takes some getting used to if you’re not used to a triggers on a PC pad.

It’s good to mention that the controller works with both the Xbox and Windows-based computers. Included in the package is the controller and a CD to install the drivers required for the controller to work on Windows. So if you have a Windows-based game on Steam or other platform this controller could potentially work with that game and create a richer game experience when playing the game.

I can say I am not much of a gamer today and I just tested it with a few games, I will leave the compatibility facts to you, also give your opinions on problems found. When I have more playing hours with it on Windows I will edit the post.

The wireless version can not be used directly with your windows PC, you will need a usb receiver included in the "for windows version", which is a must have if you happen to have already a xbox controller with your Xbox 360 and need another controller, if you buy it you will have 2 controllers that can be used in windows games or Xbox games. Also you can buy the usb adapter if you already have a pair of controllers.

Even after some years in the market it's yet a great controller and a fine recommendation for anyone to have to play games on their computer constantly and needs that edge over a keyboard to use on your PC.

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